Financial Value

As your pharmacy partner, we provide an extensive array of services with a low cost-to-fill model, driving the greatest financial value to your facility. 

Additional pharmacist guidance

Your experienced consultant pharmacist will become a valued member of your community’s interdisciplinary team — they’re here to help guide you to achieve optimal outcomes for your residents and your bottom line. On a regular basis they’ll identify trends and provide progress reports on medication utilization and cost savings for your community.

Formulary management

Our proprietary formulary management tool, which was created by pharmacists and geriatric care physicians, will inform you about formulary-driven cost savings. Additionally, the tool identifies un-captured cost savings opportunities in the area of formulary compliance. You can be assured clinically appropriate medications are being delivered to your residents — which will give you a tangible measure of the value that we bring to your community.

Best-in-class medication management

In order to provide effective medication therapies to your residents while controlling costs, our formulary management tool spotlights opportunities for therapeutic interchange and generic conversion. This tool shows where changes have saved money, and where opportunities for cost savings have been missed.

Plus advanced clinical decision support software program, Omnicare System for Clinical and Cost Outcomes Retrieval (OSC20R), is fully integrated with our pharmacy dispensing computer system, allowing your consultant pharmacist to identify potential clinical, regulatory and cost-containment opportunities.

Going generic

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce pharmacy spending is via generic conversion. Since there are so many generic versions of major brand name drugs coming available, timely conversions to generics can add up to significant savings for your community. Our scale and purchasing power provides cost savings to you, especially for generics. Our ability to convert a brand product to its generic equivalent faster than any other provider delivers nearly immediate cost savings to your community.

Clinical Intervention Center (CIC)

Our Clinical Intervention Centers (CIC) will provide you and your staff with experienced formulary clinicians to help manage clinical rejections and reduce non-covered charges to reduce the number of therapy interruptions due to insurance rejections. Our CICs help ensure proper therapy and appropriate reimbursement, while giving your staff more time to devote to caring for residents. 

Saving with technology

Another way to realize cost savings from the first fill is with pre-admission assessment through our Omniview web portal. When an incoming resident’s medication list arrives, your staff can quickly assess actual pharmacy costs for those medications, highlighted with generic conversions and opportunities for therapeutic interchange.

  • Your staff can electronically request these cost saving changes with approval from the doctor, resulting in no loss of effectiveness for incoming residents.
  • We’ll deliver additional savings through pre-coded, electronic delivery of your community’s pharmacy bill. Charges are arranged by category and according to your specific general ledger codes. By eliminating the possibility of coding errors via manual transcription, your community is more likely to receive appropriate reimbursement for every dose delivered.
  • Since 2008, our proprietary systems have filled more than 70 million prescriptions without error. Our best-in-class technology solutions are leading the way for crucial cost savings for your community.

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